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Djembe Rhythm Samples and Exercises

X8 Drums has an ongoing production of free djembe lessons and instructional videos as a complimentary resource for all hand percussionists.

Use the djembe rhythm video and audio tracks below to practice your hand drumming skills before your next performance. All djembe music samples are free, courtesy of X8 Drums.

After test driving our free videos and lessons, check out our advanced pay-per-download lessons for Djembe, Cajon, Congas and Bongos.

Djembe Rhythm Library

Djembe Buying Guide

1. Introduction to Djembes

2. Djembe Wood Source & Lathing [Video]

3. Djembe Shell Carving & Painting [Video]

4. Compare Brands of Djembes

5. Which Size Djembe is Right for Me? [Video]

6. Key Tuned vs. Rope Tuned Djembe

7. Djembe Drum: Wood vs. Synthetic

8. How to Tune a Djembe [Video]

9. Earth Friendly Djembe

10. A Note About African Djembes

11. Djembe Rhythm Exercises [Video]

12. Djembe Rope. Why Quality Matters.

13. Taking Care of your Djembe

14. History of Djembe Drums

15. How to Play the Djembe [Video]

16. Play the Djembe is Easy for All!

7th Jul 2014

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