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Kids Percussion

Kids Percussion

Smaller hands don’t mean there’s a small chance at playing a drum or hand percussion instrument. In fact, that’s the best time to get kids excited about drumming and rhythm. Kids have an innate curiosity and talent when it comes to music, and perhaps rhythm and drumming especially. From the earliest years, we all shake rattles and clap our hands – putting a drum or percussion instrument in the mix is really just the next step!

Studies show countless benefits for kids who drum, including academic improvement, communication skills and better behavior. Kids benefit from rhythm in the classroom and at home, including kids with special needs. Plus, rhythm and music is creative expression, and who can better to fully appreciate that than our kids?

By encouraging your kid to drum at home, or students to drum in a classroom, you’re giving them a wide variety of tools for success. More than that, you’re giving them a whole lot of fun that can last for years to come.

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