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Djembe Lesson: Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch

This pattern is going to help differentiate your sounds which will develop the important skill of learning to "speak" on the djembe.

The idea of this rhythm is for you to learn to how to play all the different notes in one sequence. The rhythm isn't as important as distinguishing your sound. So your tone sounds completely different than your slap (or pop) and your bass is going to sound just like a bass and your touch will be very quiet.

In this video:

Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch lesson

Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch rhythm

Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch slow motion

2-Person performance

Overhead view of Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch

Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch various speeds


Pluznick djembe

by Michael Pluznick

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29th Oct 2014

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