How to Play the Djembe

X8 Drums free video series that will get you on your way to playing the djembe. Watch the following 5 lessons in order below to build your technique from start to finish. The lessons include instruction on how to tune your drum, seating position and posture for playing djembe, the three basic notes and finally, soloing techniques.

Learning to play the djembe can be very easy if you work on building a strong foundation. Playing on a quality drum that is properly tuned is a key factor in nailing the three basic djembe notes. Trying to perfect a slap note on a drum that is out of tune is much more difficult than getting it on a drum that is tuned tight.

Seating position and posture is also an important part of djembe playing. When you have proper posture, your technique will flow with ease.

LESSON #1: Tuning Your Djembe

Step by step video guide for tuning a traditional rope djembe.


LESSON #2: Proper Seating Position for Playing Djembe

Learn proper seating position and form for playing the djembe including details on how to hold and position the drum.


LESSON #3: Tone, Slap, Bass & Touch

Learn the three basic djembe notes and exercises for perfecting your technique for Bass, Tone and Slap.


LESSON #4: Djembe Passport Parts

Learn two very simple accompaniment parts for playing in traditional West African djembe arrangements.


LESSON #5: Djembe Solo Technique

How to Solo on Djembe, 4/4 Solo for Diansa and other 4/4 Rhythms.

Djembe Buying Guide

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5. Which Size Djembe is Right for Me? [Video]

6. Key Tuned vs. Rope Tuned Djembe

7. Djembe Drum: Wood vs. Synthetic

8. How to Tune a Djembe [Video]

9. Earth Friendly Djembe

10. A Note About African Djembes

11. Djembe Rhythm Samples and Exercises [Video]

12. Djembe Rope. Why Quality Matters.

13. Taking Care of your Djembe

14. History of Djembe Drums

15. How to Play the Djembe [Video]

16. Play the Djembe is Easy for All!