Djembe Ensemble Rhythms CD

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CD includes 24 ensemble rhythms beautifully recorded. Each part is layered in, one at a time, until the full rhythm is expressed.

Listen for pleasure or for new ideas to incorporate in your next performance. CD is produced by Bill Matthews, author of The New Conga Joy which is a collection of training materials for the players of djembes, congas and ashikos.

Track Listing

1. Fanga

Note: Samples are 10 second snippets of the track that loop. The full track is much more dynamic and tells a full story.

2. Rumba  
3. West African  
4. Shiko  
5. Ibo  
6. Bumba  
7. Jessie Malanga  
8. Comparsa  
9. Macuta  
10. Makanda  
11. African Ibo
12. Acpala  
13. Kpanlogo  
14. Yesa  
15. Traditional  
16. Mozambique  
17. Yanvalou  
18. Mboshi  
19. Bembe  
20. Mahi  
21. Bintin  
22. Zepaule  
23. Nagi  
24. Zepaula


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    djembe cd

    Posted by colleen lohnes on 14th Jul 2014

    great sound