Tycoon Bongos

Making top quality percussion instruments for over 20 years, Tycoon Percussion sets the standard for high quality bongos. Each bongo from Tycoon Percussion is carefully designed, constructed, and tested to meet the needs of the most discriminating professional percussionist. Water buffalo skin heads produce rich bass tones and crisp, high-pitched slap tones while aged Siam Oak wood shells ensure durability and enhance the bongos’ unique sound.

With modern advances and innovations, Tycoon Percussion is able to deliver bongos that are more durable, portable, and user-friendly while maintaining their traditional sound and design. Tycoon’s bongos can be played by beginners and more advanced players alike. In fact, Tycoon’s Ritmo series features smaller drum heads that are ideal for students and other aspiring percussionists.