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Mike Meadows wins 2017 Austin Music Award for Best Drummer/Percussionist

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Mike Meadows

Congratulations to our good friend and amazing musician Mike Meadows for winning the 2017 Austin Music Award for Best Drummer/Percussionist!

Mike Meadows is a professional percussionist and drummer who is sought after by recording and performing artists for his skill level with world percussion instruments. During his long career as a performer, he created an extensive wish list for customized musical instruments. In 2007 his wish list became a reality as he co-founded Swan Percussion which specializes in manufacturing professional level cajon drums, percussion instruments and the Black Swan Drum.

Mike enjoys sharing his percussion knowledge and offers several online lessons here at X8 Drums:

Cajon 101

Cajon 102

Hand Percussion 101, Shakers

Secret to the Djembe Slap

Heel-Toe Technique on Djembe and Cajon

Brooms on Djembe

Pitch Bending & Muting on Cajon

Using Brushes with Cajon

Using Hand Percussion with Cajon

Cajon Foot Percussion Techniques

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SXSW World Music Showcase Features X8 Drums Djun Djuns

X8 Drums is proud to supply Rattletree with the djun djuns that will be used during their SXSW World Music Showcase this Wednesday at Russian House. No wristband required!Photo credit Ismael QuintanillaDrums used X8 Drums Djun Djuns

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Which Drum should I Choose - Traditional or Synthetic?

With so many beautiful drums to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. In this guide we get you past the first hurdle of djembe buying, which is deciding whether to go with a traditional rope tuned djembe or a mechanically tuned version. “Traditional” Djembe (JEM-bay) The “traditional” djembe has a roped tuning [...]

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Thanks to The Birmingham Zoo!

Thanks to the The Birmingham Zoo who added more X8 Urban Beat djembes to their collection this week! And... new West African Djembes + my Meinl Percussion pick of the day!Meinl Percussion Pick of the DayLuis Conte Studio ShakerLuis Conte Live ShakerLuis Conte Stadium Shaker

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Get to Know Us & Ticket Giveaway!

FREE TICKETS to WORLD PERCUSSION PERFORMANCE in Austin, TX Hi, I'm Kristin. My husband, Mark, and I run X8 because we're passionate about percussion. In my personal life, I fell in love with the joyful sounds and high-vibration of African Marimba and Zimbabwean hosho shakers. For the past 2 years I've been studying and performing with [...]

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The Passion of Drum Corps International

Drum Corps International is the non-profit governing body managing the North American drum and bugle corps circuit for members aged between 14 and 22. Founded in 1972, its mission is to impart a life-changing experience for the junior corps through music and performance. Drum Corps International represents "excellence in performance and in life" for more [...]

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Meinl Cymbals Artist: Chris Adler from Lamb of God

Christopher James Adler, more popularly known as Chris Adler, is the drummer of the metal band Lamb of God and the older brother of Willie Adler, the band's guitarist. Chris was born on November 23, 1972 in Washington, D.C. He went to Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He attended college at Virginia Commonwealth University [...]

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Artist Profile: Derek Roddy

Divine Empire, Aura Borealis, Malevolent Creation, and Meinl Cymbals all have one person in common, Derek Roddy. Known as one of the fastest drummers alive due to his ability to keep up not only the speed of death metal drumming, but also keep up those speeds for minutes at a time as well as hitting [...]

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Artist Profile: Michael “Leroy” Bram

When he is not touring with superstars like Jason Mraz, recording with Joss Stone or blues great, Watermelon Slim, Michael “Leroy” Bram performs regularly with his blues band, Michael Bram and the Alternators and many others in New York. A musical inspiration in his own right, Bram has not only mastered the drums, but is [...]

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Jazz Drumming & Cymbal Selection

Modern jazz drumming is an evolution of the styles of drumming most noted in turn of the century (the 20th century) swing drumming, which was a combination of military drumming patterns, African drumming and European music. The main function of an early jazz drummer was to keep time for the rest of the instruments, much [...]

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