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The Passion of Drum Corps International

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Drum Corps International is the non-profit governing body managing the North American drum and bugle corps circuit for members aged between 14 and 22. Founded in 1972, its mission is to impart a life-changing experience for the junior corps through music and performance. Drum Corps International represents "excellence in performance and in life" for more than 7 million youth in the US participating in musical arts programs.

DCI is composed of a small group of full-time executive and administrative staff. Their office is located in Addison, IL but relocated to Indianapolis, IN on 2008. Since its creation more than three decades ago, DCI grew to be an influential, international youth activity with influences on arts, education and organization. Drum Corps International is the Major League of Marching Band Music.

DCI is the counterpart of Drum Corps Associates (DCA) which controls the senior or all-age drum corps. It is an international association of competitive and aggressive drum and bugle corps. Over 8,000 students compete each year for less than 3,500 available slots in the elite member corps.

The annual DCI Tour provides leisure and entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events. The tour is made up of over 100 events different cities across the United States. More than 400,000 fans attend this drum event each summer while over 5,000 members directly participate in the event.

The competitive drum and bugle corps is an extreme, choreographed musical event that is shown on football stadium fields. The members of this drum and bugle corps are students with superior levels of excellence in performance of their instruments including band cymbals, drums and horns.. Each drum corps is classified into three competitive categories. Each drum corps is distinctive on how management, staff and members deal with the drum corps experience. Through this experience, the youth acquire different skills and values in life such as discipline, leadership and teamwork.

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Meinl Cymbals Artist: Chris Adler from Lamb of God

Christopher James Adler, more popularly known as Chris Adler, is the drummer of the metal band Lamb of God and the older brother of Willie Adler, the band's guitarist. Chris was born on November 23, 1972 in Washington, D.C. He went to Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He attended college at Virginia Commonwealth University [...]

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Artist Profile: Derek Roddy

Divine Empire, Aura Borealis, Malevolent Creation, and Meinl Cymbals all have one person in common, Derek Roddy. Known as one of the fastest drummers alive due to his ability to keep up not only the speed of death metal drumming, but also keep up those speeds for minutes at a time as well as hitting [...]

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Artist Profile: Michael “Leroy” Bram

When he is not touring with superstars like Jason Mraz, recording with Joss Stone or blues great, Watermelon Slim, Michael “Leroy” Bram performs regularly with his blues band, Michael Bram and the Alternators and many others in New York. A musical inspiration in his own right, Bram has not only mastered the drums, but is [...]

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Jazz Drumming & Cymbal Selection

Modern jazz drumming is an evolution of the styles of drumming most noted in turn of the century (the 20th century) swing drumming, which was a combination of military drumming patterns, African drumming and European music. The main function of an early jazz drummer was to keep time for the rest of the instruments, much [...]

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How to Clean Cymbals

Whether cymbals have been kept in storage or carried around from gig to gig, they can develop a layer of dirt or grime that affects not only the appearance, but also the sound of the cymbals. Most professionals caution against cleaning cymbals, as the process of cleaning the metal may, in fact, hurt the finish [...]

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Artist Profile: Rodney Holmes

Whether you are a fan of Clyde Criner, The Steve Kimrock Band or Santana, chances are that you have heard Rodney Holmes take drumming to an entirely different level that crosses the boundaries between jazz, rock and even techno and ambient drumming. This artist is as creative and diverse as the audiences who come to [...]

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Protecting and Maintaining Cymbals

As every drummer knows, a drum kit is only as good as the care given to it. Since most drum kits consist of drums, cymbals and hardware that puts it all together, it is important to protect the various components within the kit from damage during transportation, including the cymbals. Cymbal [...]

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Cymbal Tips for New Drummers

They shine and gleam, whether metallic, glossy, matte or grungy, beckoning the novice and professional drummer to sit and sample the sound of a simple, yet complex, round of metal goodness that can inspire the rhythmic charms only a cymbal can. These signature beacons of drumming excellence bring a mystery to [...]

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2011 Zildjian Drummer Love Contest

It’s not too late to enter the Zildjian Drummer Love contest! Win incredible prizes just by showing your love for your favorite brand of cymbals, Zildjian!Entering the contest is easier than you think. In 500 words or less, tell Zildjian cymbals how awesome their products are or why you really want to [...]

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