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I think the merchandise that X8 has is superior to the other sites. They also have a huge array of accessories in addition to a great selection of all types of drums. You could find everything you need for your drum needs at X8 and their customer service people would be most helpful.

Needed a foot for my Gon Bops Cajon. A $3 part and they found it, called me back and its on the way. THANK YOU

I narrowed my search down to three djembe drums using the website.  Then I called customer service to get more details.  The rep knew the three models very well and explained the differences and it became very clear which one I wanted. I chose the Ruby Pro medium.  I got it in a week using their free shipping option.  Im amazed at how beautiful it is. Its seems crazy that the price was so reasonable given that its a solid piece of mahogany.  Its got a great sound when I pound on it.  Now I just need to learn how to play it.

Well, the only thing is, it said that my order was in stock and now its taking four days to fill the order it still is it filled yet.. So maybe you really didnt have it in stock its okay though. Yall are my jam.. Also I didnt see any points did you do away with the points program

The website was easy to navigate with an amazing selection of percussion instruments! The purchase went super smoothly and had free shipping over $150. Im super excited to try out that cajon!

I really like X8 drums for their selection, price, service and delivery.  They have a huge array of percussion instruments from many different high quality manufacturers.  The prices are, if not the lowest, close enough to the lowest to make it worthwhile shopping with them.

you have the stuff I want cheaper than others and it was very easy to check out and had a coupon code.

Singing dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright!  Seriously good customer service!

the shipping vs billing address portion of the website was confusing, but otherwise the checkout scripts worked fine

I ordered an Udu from X8drums, and I could not be more happy with their outstanding customer service. It was not clear on the product page that the order would first arrive by boat before it shipped and would take about 20 days (much longer than one would anticipate). I however within a day of placing my order received both an email and phone call from a representative, not a recording, advising me of the shipping considerations. I also moved shortly after placing the order and the sales rep was more than happy to change the destination address of the item. 1010 would buy again and recommend!

The handcrafted drum that X8drums provides is premier! Quality craftsmanship and materials found only in South Africa are the key to giving the customer the best sounding drum!

Art called me to help me with my order since the manufacturer has been having trouble. He kindly offered a few other items that would be similar and possibly better. Just knowing too that he is a drummer and has a passion and ear for what I was looking for gave me moreconfidence in his recommendations. I would highly recommend if you are needing professional help on finding the right drum equipment...give them a call.

As a result of Arts consideration and help, X8 Drums is now my go to place for my percussion needs.

A popular music store had advertised via television that they had a super good price on an item I was searching for.They dont have a brick  mortar store in my town so I did an online search. The online prices did not reflect the deals on the TV ad. That led me here and I feel like I got a deal that was much better

They can help you find anything you need very personalized staff

The site is simple and easy to navigate.  the pricing on the site is a lot lower than the usual which is fantastic. Also one of the only sites that had recordings and videos of drums and other things being played so you can see and hear what youre getting before you buy. Great site

Wanting to rehead my djembe I found all that I needed easily and at a good price at the X8 drum website ,

I found this seller while doing an internet search for shekeres.  They have a great variety of instruments suited for the elementary music classroom - at good prices, too!  Plus, the amount I ordered qualifies for free shipping!!! Ordering through their website is easy and hassle-free.

I needed detailed information about a certain kick pedal and my sales person was very informative and excited to share his knowledge about the topic with me. I ended up buying a different model than I was planning on and saving considerable dollars. Quodos to him!

Buying drums online in itself could cause concern, but X8 drums makes the entire process easy and comfortable. They are very detailed in showing numerous pictures of the product, along with videos, which gives you a chance to hear and see the drums in action before you buy. Ive bought multiple drums from X8 and Ill be back for more.

Definitely check out X8 before buying anywhere else.Its Friday and I received my new favorite djembe that I ordered Monday night. It looks great, sounds great. Couldnt be more satisfied. Thanks.


Please see videos and tutorials are great too!Thanks you folks, Eric

Very good service! We will keep in touch ... Thanks

bought this Cajon after watching video...met all expectations. Great sound, good price, nice finish

Art was very helpful - he called me back promptly, answered all of my questions, processed my order, spearheaded checking on the backorder status of a product I ordered,  ran to the warehouse to check on the exact specifications of an item for me, and even played something so I could hear what it sounded like. He gave me his personal opinion as a drummer as well, and it s invaluable yo have customer service with personal experience with their product. He was cheerful and personable as well. I will check back with X8 first for all my percussion needs in the future. The free shipping on large orders is also really appreciated.

The guys at X8 (Art and Mark) answered all my questions and treated me like a good friend rather than another irritating guy with a credit card.  Very talented service team.  They also didnt try to answer questions wo asking experienced help when they needed to. Id buy expensive equipment from them any day.

Yall have always been fair  caring.That is important to me.

I copped a conga case that will prevent my drum from getting scratched. The price knocked me out as I have been shopping a few months for something affordable. It on the road to my door right now....

A very well made and attractive piece. I bought this for my wife who plays in a band. It sounds  great and also makes for very attractive decor in the house. Ya get a great drum and a nice display item with this djembe.It weighs 14 lbs so, it stands on its own very well yet not too heavy to holdtilt and play.Priced quite reasonable for such a well made and colorful item. Engravings are excellent also. Lots of cool sounds  come out  of  this thing.  I would highly recommend! Its awesome...

This website provides a quick and easy route to buy your percussion equipment. I bought a cajon here and it provided me with many recourses including a video to see how it sounds.

I have ordered from X-8 before and received great service.  Entering the site this time I had forgotten my PW so I entered as a guest.  The site pulled up my previous data so it was easy and quick to move through the order process.  My only hope now is I gave my current address for delivery in knowing I am moving 1 week from today.  Hope my drum comes by Saturday this week.  Thanks.

This is the second year weve orderd from x8 Drums. The items were deliverd in a timely manner and we couldnt get a better price! Our 150 Fine Arts students enjoy playing real instruments and x8 Drums makes it affordable and easy to maintain a percussion inventory. Thanks X8!

Great selection, low prices, extremely fast shipping (5 days for my order), whats not to like This was our second time ordering  from X8 Drums and I couldnt be happier. This is the way shopping on the internet should always be! Thanks X8 Drums, Ill be back!

I have ordered from X8 twice and both times I have received not only superb products but good communication from the staff on if there where going to be any issues with my order.

I bought a cajon  assembly kit. Great instructions and illustrations. Project took only 1 12 hours to construct (excluding stain and urethane) Sounds geat!



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