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Schools we've worked with

Schools we've worked with:

  • William Mitchell Elementary School
  • Academy at Palumbo
  • Toppenish High School
  • Brookfield Elementary School
  • Butler County Board of MRDD
  • City of North Charleston - Cultural Arts Department
  • Clarksburg Elementary School
  • Edgewood College
  • Family Dynamics
  • Grantsville High School
  • Guthrie Public Schools
  • Guthrie Upper Elementary School
  • Imagine Wesley International Academy
  • ntermediate District 287
  • James Madison University
  • Kalamazoo College
  • Lafayette High School
  • S.P. Livingston Elementary School
  • Nazareth Academy
  • North Star Academy High School
  • Paragon Charter Academy
  • PCJCC / Making a Change Detention
  • Rockwood School District
  • New Albany-Floyd County Schools
  • S. Ellen Jones Elementary School
  • St. John's Missionary Baptist Church
  • Upper Freehold School District
  • World Language High School
  • Braxton County High School
  • Sleepy Hollow High School
  • Tooele County School District
  • James Irwin Charter Schools
  • Columbia University
  • Lakeview Middle School
  • Qualters Middle School
  • Flower City School
  • SUNY @ Oneonta
  • Timberlane Performing Arts Center
  • West Rocks Middle School.

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X8 Drums joins The National Association for Music Education
X8 Drums is proud to announce that they have joined MENC as a corporate member, thereby continuing their commitment to the promotion of music as a daily part of every student's education.


Promoting the Arts as a core subject in our school system
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been working with the SupportMusic Coalition to communicate to educators that the monies available under the State Fiscal Stabilization fund, as well as other grants and programs, can be used to develop Arts programs in schools.


Music Appreciation Boosts SAT Scores
As reported by the College Entrance Entrance Examination Board, students who have studied music score at least 40 points higher on each section of the SAT - 44 points above their peers in math, 63 points above in verbal.


The NAMM Global Report: Attitudes Toward Music in the United States
For those respondents with children in school, it was found that parents were encouraging their children more than ever to focus on music in school.


Benefits of School Drumming Programs
Studies show that incorporating a drumming music program in schools benefits children in many ways.


The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument
Several studies show that playing music helps develop the cognitive skills of children and adolescents. It also instills self-discipline, builds confidence, increases productivity and socially connects kids and teens with their peers.