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Interactive Rhythm Program for Schools


The Interactive Rhythm Program for Schools offers full or half day trainings, where expert facilitators teach teachers how to lift the learning energy for all students through rhythm, giving them useful, relevant and immediately accessible tools and skills.

Educators are always seeking powerful, effective, time and cost efficient programs that deliver learning and engage youth. Drumming exceeds in all criteria. It’s simple: young people of all ages love to drum. Their faces light up when the myriad percussion instruments and drums are brought out. Disinterested teens tune in and engage fully with the rhythm kicks in.

As a responsible educator however, you’d never pay for a drumming experience simply because ‘kids love drums.’ And rightly so. As an educators, you are happy when students love whatever they engage in, the reality is there must be proven outcomes. Why is it worth having drums and rhythm? Do these programs have educational relevance and sustained value beyond the session? Are there specific and legitimate learning outcomes from such programs? Yes.

With Source Consulting interactive drumming programs (also known as ZaBoomBa), we accomplish two difficult processes in every session.
1) Engaging Pedagogy: In order for any learning to happen, this is the first step – our methods engage learners.
2) Relevant Learning: The information we present is immediately useful to students – it encourages more learning!

Rhythm programming begins with the Affective Domain. This domain relates to a student’s emotional and physical state while learning.
1) Rhythm enhances the Internal Affective Factors: willingness to take (healthy) risks, persistence and attention abilities; attitudes, and assumptions/beliefs about self.
2) Rhythm enhances the External Affective Factors: Focusing even with potential distractions, working with psychological personal style of others, receiving support from others.

Character Education fosters ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character through an emphasis on universal values we all share. It is the intentional, proactive focus on values such as respect for self and others, responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline. Interactive drumming provides a direct experience of these values and provides an engaging learning context in which youth feel inspired to live their highest character.

Our programs are about learning. We’ve demonstrated the impact our rhythm programs have on the Affective Domain, but what about the Cognitive Domain? The Cognitive Domain deals with individuals thinking process and preferred thinking styles, their intellectual capabilities, and the development of problem solving skills – and interactive drumming enhances these skills..

We have a simple equation: Classroom Management is inversely Related to Learning Energy™. The higher the learning energy (engagement in the lesson at hand), the lower the classroom management need becomes. In full or half day trainings, we teach teachers how to lift the learning energy for all subjects, giving them useful, relevant and immediately accessible tools and skills. 

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