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Sticks & Mallets

Sticks & Mallets

Using the right tool to play a drum can make a difference in the tone and quality of the rhythms played. Drum sticks, mallets and brushes are engineered to help create a unique tenor and sound for a wide variety of drums, each with a specific method of play that helps create a fuller, more interesting and dynamic sound.

Not all drum sticks, brushes and mallets are created alike. Drum stick manufacturers have products that can help increase speed or the weight of a drum hit. Mallets can range in size and construction, helping to produce deep bass tones with character and personality. Drum brushes create a dirty, scratchy sound that can be used on a variety of drums, like cajon and snare drums.

The drum brushes, sticks and mallets available to drummers allow for an increased quality and depth of sound and can even improve technique and tone. As a drummer increases in skill or ventures into new genres of music, the right drum sticks, mallets and brushes can become vital to the growth of the musician, and the sound.

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