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World Drumming Written Resources

This list of books offers a good starter selection for your library of resources on world drumming. Explore the rich history of the music and instruments from experts in the industry. Be sure to also view our World Drumming Musical Resources.

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Arthur Hall Drum Circle Spirit
THE Drum circle facilitation book
Includes a CD

Christine Stevens The Art and Heart of Drum Circles
Another great book on drum circle facilitation

Martin Klabunde West African Rhythms Sourcebook
Excellent culture and rhythm information
Includes notations and a CD

Mamady Keita My Life for the Djembe
Amazing culture and rhythm information
Includes notations and CD

Bill Matthews Drum Talk (also Conga Joy)
Great rhythm notations and info; Available as a CD or video in DVD format

Christine Stevens
Lynn Kliener
Sound Shape Playbook
More great Sound Shape games by two masterful facilitatiors; with CD

Layne Redmond When the Drummers Were Women
A Spiritual History of Rhythm

Kalani All About Djembe
All About Bongo (and Conga)
Wonderful educational and "learn to play" books; Kalani also has educational DVD's and CD's.

Yaya Diallo The Healing Drum
Drum history and lore from a West African Master

Sule Greg Wilson The Drummer's Path
Spirituality and energy of drumming from a very knowledgeable drumming historian

Robert Lawrence Friedman The Healing Power of the Drum
Amazing stories that demonstrate the power rhythm and drumming have for healing

Mickey Hart Planet Drum / Drumming at the Edge
In depth drum history and lore from a master of many percussion instruments and the former drummer of The Grateful Dead

Rocky Maffit Rhythm and Beauty
Well done overview of global percussion instruments with wonderful pictures; includes a CD


Thanks to Kenya Masala for providing this list of resources.