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How to Solo Like a Pro on Your Djembe

One of the most frequently asked questions from beginner to intermediate level djembe players is How Do I Solo on My Djembe?

Today I'd like to show you a fom I've developed that will help you learn to solo, to have more fun and to play in an organized way that will be pleasing to yourself as well as others.

In this video we are going to play a solo for the rhythm Diansa however it will work for any rhythm. Today's format will be in 4/4 and what we're going to do is start with a call and a break.

A call and a break is a way that the rhythm starts. [demonstration] A call and a break always leads into the 1. A 1 is the first beat of a rhythm and its also the first beat of the pulse. The "pulse" is where you would normally clap, where you would dance or where you would feel the rhythm naturally.

Video Features:

Diansa basic rhythm

4/4 Solo by Michael Pluznick with passport accompaniment by Marco

4/4 Solo Technique in slow motion

This video was made using the new MP Eco Pro 12" and 13" wood djembe drums. Available only at


Pluznick djembe

by Michael Pluznick

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29th Oct 2014

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