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Djembe Fanga

Looking to learn a new rhythm for your Djembe? Have you tried the Fanga beat? Fanga is a Liberian welcome rhythm in which the lower beat is said to mime “the action of a cook pulling hot pieces of food from a steaming pot,” welcoming guests to join in a meal with their hosts. It is a peaceful and fun rhythm that invites dancers and other musicians to join in the song and celebrate together.

The lyrics are in Yoruba, a language from West Africa and they call to welcome visitors in peace and hospitality.

Fanga Alafayia, ashé ashé (x4)


Fanga Alafayia, ashé, ashé

CHORUS: Asé, Asé. Asé, Asé. (x4)

Ikabo A Lafiya - Ashe - Ashe (x4)


Ikabo A Lafiya - Ashe-Ashe

CHORUS: Asé, Asé. Asé, Asé. (x4)

Ellugua A Lafiya- Ashe-Ashe (x4)


Ellegua A Lafiya- Ashe- Ashe

CHORUS: Ashé, Ashé. Ashé, Ashé. (x4)

Fanga is a “call and response” song thought to help tribes announce their peaceful presence and determine if they were welcomed by other, unknown tribes in Africa.

In the following video, you will learn the two parts of the drum rhythm plus hear how the bell adds to the texture of the beat.

The Fanga should ultimately be played with two or more accompanying drums and a bell. It’s a fun and easy rhythm to learn for the experienced drummer and a great way to show others the tribal history of African drum music.

8th Jun 2022

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