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Djembe Buying Guide
  • Beginners Guide

    For Beginners

    The biggest mistake one could make when purchasing a djembe is buying the most inexpensive drum. Find out why.

  • Which Size is Right for Me?

    Which Size is Right for Me?

    Quick reference table to help you get an idea of djembe drum sizes and how to determine the right size drum.

  • How a Djembe is Made

    How a Djembe is Made

    Watch this behind the scenes video to see how X8 Drums Djembes are made, from our environmentally friendly wood source to the hard carved designs.

  • How to Play a Djembe

    How to Play a Djembe

    Perfect instruction guide for anyone wanting to join a drum circle or to review the basics.

  • How to Tune Your Drum

    How to Tune Your Drum

    Step by step video guide for tunig a traditional rope djembe. Instructed by X8 Drum’s Kenya Masala

X8 Drummer Spotlight

Learn how djembe drumming helps Lance's fibromyalgia pain. His story is part of our "Drummer Spotlight" feature on the X8 Drums Blog.

Why Buy from X8 Drums

Because we care! You, our valued customer, are the reason we exist. Our primary goal is to serve you, individually, one customer at a time, with exceptional product knowledge, outstanding service, and a diverse collection of high quality drum and percussion instruments. Every one of our customers has very specific requirements, and we pay close attention to meet and exceed them. Package all of this up with the best web shopping experience that assists you at every step to find exactly what you're looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that's what we deliver.

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Staff Pick Of The Day Pick Of The Day X8 Drums Kente Cloth Djembe

The Key-Tuned Kente Cloth Royal Djembe is a fiberglass shell with a synthetic drumhead. Many percussionists seek synthetic drumheads for the distinct pitch it produces which is typically a higher tone than a traditional goatskin head. ...MORE

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As a result of Arts consideration and help, X8 Drums is now my go to place for my percussion needs. Virgin

The site is simple and easy to navigate. the pricing on the site is a lot lower than the usual which is fantastic. Also one of the only sites that had recordings and videos of drums and other things being played so you can see and hear what youre getting before you buy. Great site Devante

I have ordered from X8 twice and both times I have received not only superb products but good communication from the staff on if there where going to be any issues with my order. James

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