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Meinl Headliner Conga Bongo Set with Stands Cajon Free Shipping X8 Breakout Blue Conga Set with Cowbell

With origins from African and Cuban traditions, conga drums are one of the most popular hand drums today.

Made from a variety of wood or from fiberglass, congas are available in different shapes and sizes and are usually played in sets of two to four with the fingers and palms of the hand. The size of drum affects the sound and pitch of the instrument, with the largest drums being used to play the lower rhythms, and the smaller Quinto conga drums acting as the "singer" of the band, playing the melody. When the drums are played together in twos or threes, the drums will normally be tuned to a particular chord; for example, a perfect fourth, depending on the requirements of the music or the taste of the individual drummer.

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