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Djembe 101 Lessons

How to Tune a Djembe, Rope Tuning Instructions

Learn how to tune your rope tuned djembe. Kenya Masala will show you step by step instructions on how to create diamonds with the extra rope on your drum in order to tighten the drum head. He also explains what a tuned djembe should sound like as well as advanced instructions on how to create a second row of diamonds for drums that need extra tightening. Lastly you will learn how to re-wrap the extra rope around your drum once you finish tuning.

How to Play the Djembe for Beginners

In this lesson you will learn how to play the djembe. Djembes have notes just like any other instrument and it is always great to start with those foundational elements as you learn to play.

How to Play the Fanga Rhythm on Djembe with Kenya Masala

In this lesson, Kenya Masala will teach you to play the rhythm called Fanga which a rhythm that comes to us from the Vai people of Liberia. The rhythm talks about welcoming and greeting.

Djembe Play-Along Video: Diabara Djun Rhythm & Djembe Pattern 110 bpm

We're excited to introduce these new (and FREE) hand drumming practice pads to our musician friends wanting a fresh way to work on your ideas and technique.

Each track is a traditional African rhythm at a set tempo that, by design, leaves space for you to try out lead lines or supporting lines using any instrument.

We've also included relaxing video imagery to keep your wandering eye in check.

See all the play-along videos here.

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