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/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"I just received my Pro Ramadan drum. It is absolutely beautiful. It's got great base notes and fantastic high notes. The rim shot notes are amazing. i ordered it on Saturday and have it for my drumming circle tonight (Tuesday). I didn't expect to have it that fast. They should put you guys in charge of General Motors, heck, Obama should put you in charge of the whole economy. That would solve that. Thanks for a great drum. Will pass your name on to my drumming buds and will certainly buy again." Mark L. from Millerton, NY

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"THANK YOU for sharing the excellent article on the "Healing Qualities of the Hand Drum." It will be most useful in my work, as a Chaplain, with residents at our long term care facility. In fact, I am in the process of arranging for a drum circle workshop for residents and family members at our facility. Thanks again. "Michael

quote1.jpg"i just had to drop you a line and tell you i loooooovvveeee your products. i'm a djembe instructor in north carolina and i am sharing you with everyone i can!!! thanks for the bags and hats and everything!!!" robin, NC

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"Hi. I just recieved one of your drums, the Ramadan Pro, and I had to thank you. The sound from this drum is amazing and the craftsmanship is beautiful. I almost feel unworthy to play such an instrument. I know where I will be buying any drums I need in the future. Thanks again." Dan

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"Just received my new 14" Ruby Pro and it is the most incredible drum I have ever played. Cannot believe how crisp the tones and slaps are as well as a great bass. The drum itself is so beautiful and the workmanship impeccable. "Michael

quote1.jpg"Just had to tell you I watched a video on youtube by X8 drums about tuning a djembe and was finally able to tune mine. T H A N K Y O U !!!" Jim

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"Ordered 2 djembes from you late last thought we'd receive them Tuesday. Just to let you know we received 2 djembes Tuesday afternoon about 2:30...had a scheduled percussion sectional for 3-4:00. Great timing and we're very pleased with the drums. Thanks. " Glen, Fayetteville JR HS

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"Thank you for your prompt assistance! I happily received my order this past weekend! "Yvonne

quote1.jpg"Wow! Just received my 10" Ramadan Pro Djembe w/bag and I can't beleive the quality of the drum and the sound, not to mention the great free bag! The drum was delevered in but 3 days and there was no cost for shipping! I am seriously considering buying a few more as gifts for family. Great job X8 - I'll be back for more! " Bruce, Ohio

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"The quality and colour of the wood is gorgeous, the head is beautiful and has an amazing grain pattern. And of course, the sound is great. I'm getting all kinds of tones from it, and it sounds great both quiet and loud. I just wanted to let you know that you've got a very happy customer in Toronto! " Dennis, Canada

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"Thanks X8, you've been great, you guys are a class act.. Merry Christmas "A customer

quote1.jpg"Thank you very much for all your help. I received the second drum this evening. They both look and sound amazing. I will be looking forward to purchasing more drums from X8. com because I am impressed with the quality of your service and Product. I Will be referring all my fellow drummers to your website. Thank you once again. " Shelley

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"I just got my Stallion and am most impressed! It was expertly packaged and well tuned out of the box. I put it to the task in the kitchen and my wife said it's way tooooo loud so I have to confine my future playing to the basement. Sweeeeeet!!!! " Darron

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"I just bought a 12" ruby djembe. I have always been "skeptical" about buying an instrument on line. I called X8 Drums for questions and they assured me I would be very happy with my purchase. I got my drum last week and I absolutely love it! It's everything I expected. Mark, your customer service is incredible. Know that I will continue doing business with you. You guys are awesome! "Vera (FL)

quote1.jpg"I just got the djembe (14" Ruby Pro) yesterday. It's everything I could want in a larger drum - nice tight tones, crisp slaps, impressive bass, and an excellent overall package. The shell shape, carving, and staining are expertly done and the rope-work is superb. It easily compares to other professional traditional djembes I've seen for twice the price." Bob, Acworth, GA

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"My Djembe drum arrived - literally "sound" and safely! I love the tone and the resonance and the craftsmanship of this drum!" Jutta, PA

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"The Stallion arrived yesterday and sounds amazing. Wish your shop was closer so I could come by. I'll definitely recommend your shop and wouldn't think of buying a hand drum from anyone else. I'm a customer and fan for life. " Steve (Fresno CA)

quote1.jpg"Many thanks for sending us a fantastic drum! My son was thrilled when he opened it today for his birthday. The workmanship is beautiful and the sound that comes out of it is phenomenal! I cannot thank you enough." Laura, Warrenville, IL

quote1.jpg"I received my Waring Ridge 12" Djembe from X8 about 4 months ago. Absolutely love it. Arrived tuned and ready to go right out of the box. Thanks to Mark at X8, he really found me the perfect match!" Mark, Durango, CO

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"The X8 djembe I bought was even better quality and sound than I had hoped for. The customer service, personal advice on size and shape, and the overall quality of service and product is top notch. Highly recommended for anyone interested in purchasing a new djembe and accessories. Care in using only legally harvested products is a huge plus as well." Michael, Greensboro, NC

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"Thank you so much. The drums arrived and are great!!! I will be sure to thank you guys at our event this Saturday night and suggest you for any drum purchases as your customer service and product quality are both AWESOME!!" David, Columbia University

quote1.jpg"Thank you for your fast service and great products. I just got my drum today, and am very happy with it. It looked just like thepicture and sounded better than I had imagined. I look forward to telling my friends about, as well as coming back for myself. I give your site a solid 10/10. Thank you again. Jason, Tomah, WI" Jason, Tomah, WI

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"Thanks Mark, we are enjoying our family drum circle. Your selection of drums was perfect" Charles, NY

quote1.jpg"The drum arrived today. Thanks again for doing the exchange for me. This has worked out great. I do a lot of business transactions online and your customer service and professionalism with which you do business are excellent and far above most others out there. Keep up the great work. In our increasingly impersonal world, great customer service stands out and is greatly appreciated." Matt, Portland, OR

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote3.jpg"Hi Kristin, It was a pleasure learning about djembe from you and you helped me make an informed choice of drum for my mother. . Thanks so much for the excellent customer service to help select an appropriate drum for my 77 year old Mother. " Joy, Alexandria, VA

quote1.jpg"Thanks a lot for making sure I'd get my Drum in time for my trip. The Djembe sounded awesome right out of the shipping box. I was out on my sailboat Friday, Saturday, Sunday jamming on it. My friend who was on the trip just ordered one for himself today. So again thanks for your service and for sending such a great drum. You already have gained an additional customer/drummer!" CaptainSpicy, Baltimore, MD

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"I just wanted to thank Mark and you again for being so helpful when I was choosing my first djembe. I love my Kalimantan and have played in a small drum circle already and played along with a couple of CD's today - another small drumming session tomorrow evening! Everyone tried my drum at the drum circle and liked it - great sound. Thanks so much for your advice and for talking me back up to the 11-12". My husband is now looking at bongos! We'll see....." Sue, IN

/product_images/uploaded_images/quote2.jpg"I just got my drum from you guys not too long ago. It's the Ruby Pro African 14" and it's brilliant. Keep up the awesome work. THANk YOU!!!!!!" A happy customer

quote1.jpg"We received the drums and they are great!! Thank you for all your help in arranging to get the them." Cathy

quote"We received our order this morning. Thank you for your courtesy, quick delivery and beautiful tambourines. Looking forward to doing business with you again!" June

quote"I really Iike the sound of djembe. And I'm looking forward to drum circle events in Jersey City." Stanley, New Jersey

quote1.jpg"Just wanted to let you guys know that I got a really great djembe from you guys and I am really enjoying it! A friend of mine (actually his dad) is buying a djembe from you guys soon! Thanks for selling stuff at good deals that you cant really find anywhere else! P.S. I already played my djembe at church this morning and it was a big hit! " Aaron, a customer

quote"Thank you for your service on helping me to pick out my drum and for the call when it came into stock. your company has handeled it's business dealings with me so far in a comfortable and yet very professional manner and I think you deserve a bonus if not a justifiable raise for your personal brand of service. I hope life treats you well and if you play ... that you get many years of happy drumming afforded to you. " Jah - Rastafari

quote"I got my drum yesterday and just wanted to say thank you. It was in great condition and tune when it arrived. I absolutely love it and know where I will be buying my drums in the future. ... X-8 ... Very satisfied Thanks again." Matt, New York, NY