Darbukas are goblet drums that originate from the Middle East. While these ancient world drums are traditionally played in countries and cultures where music and rhythm are a part of everyday life, the darbuka has become increasingly popular in the modern music of Western culture. Standing anywhere from 9” to 16” tall, darbukas feature a synthetic or rawhide drum head. The body is usually made from copper or aluminum and adorned with intricate engravings.

Played under the arm or resting on the leg using a light touch, the darbuka produces two main sounds. The “doum” sound is a deep, bass sound produced by striking the head of the drum with your fingers and palms. The “tek” or “ka” sound is a higher-pitched sound created by hitting near the edge of the drum head with your fingertips. All of the darbukas offered at X8 Drums are hand selected for quality and value so that you can play your hand drum for years to come.