Parts, Brackets, Mounts

From the right cowbell tone to a steady grip on a set of chimes, the parts, brackets and mounts used by drummers allow for better playability as well as extra stability for accent percussion.

Quality drum brackets, mounts and other parts are necessary for most drum sets that use accent percussion. Whether a drummer needs to attach a set of bongos to a conga stand, add an extra cymbal or a wood block to a drum set, or enhance a bass beat with a maraca or tambourine sound, these extra drum sounds require the strength and stability of a drum mount or bracket.

Many drum manufacturers, such as LP, Meinl or Toca offer specific hardware parts, drum mounts or brackets to enhance the sound and stability of a drum rig. The distinct and interesting sounds and styles that can be created through the use of accent percussion rely on the right drum parts, brackets and mounts to achieve the stability needed for truer sound and tone quality.