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Drum Circle Facilitation Services


At X8 Drums and Percussion, we know that a drum circle can have a positive effect in the lives of everyone. As your source for all things hand drums, we also promote drum circle facilitation services through Source Consulting Group!

From corporate team-building workshops to private functions and community events, drum circles help establish interpersonal bonds, positive, winning energy and create lasting memories. Source Consulting Group's drumming workshops, events and facilitation services have been skillfully developed throughout the years to assist people with all levels of music, rhythm and physical ability, encouraging a casual and engaging experience that enhances the unity felt by all who attend.

Community Drum Circle Facilitation Service

Community drum circles bring joy and laughter to any event. Building and strengthening bonds, and inspiring laughter and joy in all the participants, their jams are led by experts that have extensive experience with rhythm and drumming, dancing and uniting groups through the power of music. These events are perfect for all ages, abilities and skill levels, and since we supply the drums and instruction, your job is to sit back, tap out a beat, and simply enjoy the experience!

Corporate Drum Circle & Team Building Service

For corporations, businesses and organizations, leadership and cooperation are the keys to success. Source Consulting's workshops empower business development and are customized for each organization by our drum circle facilitators and organizational development consultants. They help you define goals and create results needed to compete in today's corporate world, all through rhythm and drums.

These workshops will increase communication and unity among employees, strengthen leadership skills, and inspire creativity and innovation. At the end of the workshop, your team will work together more efficiently, strengthening your overall mission and providing a new energy for success.

Led by Solomon Masala, Source Consulting Group is proud to offer these drum circle facilitation services across the U.S. Solomon Masala is a certified drum circle facilitator who has worked extensively with businesses and within the community to help provide an atmosphere of fun, cooperation and education through drumming programs and workshops. His knowledge, style and energy have made the difference in the lives of hundreds of people, encouraging a love for music and rhythm, while providing a solid “team” foundation that is goal-oriented, as well as entertaining and educational.

No matter the size of your guest list or event, we have the drums, hand percussion instruments, knowledge and love of drumming needed to create an impact on all who attend. Let the professionals at Source Consulting Group give your next festival, community event or corporate retreat a fresh and fun energy that will last a lifetime.