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Rope Tuned Djembes

The djembe has a rich history, originating in West Africa. There it was used in ceremonial dances and sometimes even as a means of communicating over long distances. All djembe drums are the same basic shape, and resemble huge goblets, with a relatively slim base widening out to a large drumhead. A typical djembe drum is around 24 inches in height with a drumhead diameter of around 12 to 14 inches across, but these sizes do vary considerably. The drumhead on a rope tuned djembe is traditionally tightened with a system of ropes.

As musicians, we know that pristine sound and solid construction are extremely important to all of our customers. The djembe drums available at X8 Drums have been hand-picked based those factors. Listen to the audio and video samples with our products to compare the sounds from various types of djembes.

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