Toca Freestyle ColorSound Djembes, Set of 7 Colors

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The Toca Synergy Freestyle ColorSound Djembes are a colorful addition to the lightweight and durable Freestyle collection. These drums have great sound, making them perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages.

Made of tough yet surprisingly musical PVC with a colorful finish and an all-weather synthetic head head, the hand drum offers all the landmark tonal qualities of traditional wooden djembes. From resonant bass tones to penetrating slaps, this drum speaks in many tones and functions well in many settings. It has a traditional rope tuning system.

Toca Synergy Freestyle ColorSound Djembe Features:

  • Ideal for drum circles & players of all ages
  • Ideal for music educators
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • 12" tall, seamless synthetic shell
  • 7" diameter synthetic head
  • Nylon rope tuning system
  • Protective rubber bottom
  • Sold in a set of 7 unique metallic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet
  • Patented

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Set of 7

7 Reviews

  • Posted by Allie on 28th Dec 2016


    Nice sound, durable and great price!

    This is a great little drum for kids! It has a nice sound, it is a very durable build quality and the price is reasonable. The only minor disappointment is that the orange colour is more of a darker copper colour (and I was expecting bright orange).

  • Posted by Chris on 6th Sep 2016


    Great durable drum for kids

    I bought one of these for each of my two nephews, one who was 1.5 and the other who was 2.5. Both have loved them. They are small enough so they can be carried around by young kids without any issues. And most importantly, they appear to be virtually unbreakable. My older nephew has left a long trail of broken drum heads and other musical instruments in his wake but this one is still in great shape after a year of abuse. I recently bought one for my 1.5 year old and she is already loving it. Highly recommended.

  • Posted by Joyce Rinkevicius/Life Enrichment Coordinator /The Pointe At Kilpatrick on 28th May 2015


    "The Drums of Heaven"

    Thanks X8 Drums I am so ecstatic that my early stage Alzheimer Group has taken to the Toca Djemba Free Style Color Sound Drums like fish to water we rock! This set of drums is amazing and we are picking them up constantly my group is 80 plus and we really rock! Folks there is nothing to think about buy these drums!

  • Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2015


    Great Product!

    Quality item at a reasonable price.

  • Posted by Rose on 17th Sep 2014


    Sound great!

    I bought 5 of these to use for our art group's drum circles and was not disappointed. They sound great for the size and the price enabled us to buy enough so everyone without their own drum was able to participate with a quality sound.

  • Posted by Carol Howell on 15th Aug 2014


    Excellent Product

    I use these drums in a class for individuals with Autism. My clients love them, and I am very pleased with their sound, their look, and their lightweight.

  • Posted by Jacqueline Pankuck on 11th Jul 2014


    Drums for our elementary school...

    Great service on the phone to choose the right drum for our school function. The drums arrived on time and are really adorable/ Perfect for our needs.