Mother Earth Djembe Drum, 10" Head x 20" Tall

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The Mother Earth djembe drum is a player's djembe that sounds fantastic! Made with the utmost care and attention to detail, this djembe drum is a hand-carved beauty that is not only stunning but a true work of art.


Please note that each drum is hand-carved, by master carvers, and sizes will tend to slightly fluctuate. No two drums are exactly alike which makes each one a unique work of art.

20" Tall x 10" Head

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Need help tuning? Watch our video, How to Tune a Djembe .

All X8 Djembes come with a FREE Djembe DVD! Learn to Tune and play your new drum with two complimentary lessons by X8 Drums. Full details


  • Every drum comes with a Djembe Care & Maintenance Guide
  • Legally Harvested, Environmentally Sustainable Mahogany wood
  • One-piece Mahogany solid shell construction
  • Low Stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5 mm Rope
  • Kiln dried shells with up to 20 coats of teak oil that protects and preserves the wood
  • Natural, unbleached heads for authentic look and sound.
  • Lathe turned for uniform thickness
  • Lateral groove/rough surfaced carvings on interior bowl to reduce overtones
  • Premium selected goatskin drumheads with hair for greater tonal range
  • Temperature controlled storage environment

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10 in. x 20 in.