Pearl Djembe

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Djembes are a traditional African instrument that offer a wide variety of sounds and are perfect for drum circles.

The Pearl Professional Elite Djembe Series is available in Oak (12.5" diameter) and Fiberglass (12.5" and 14" diameter). All feature our Contour Crowns for comfortable playing and authentic Goat skin heads for deep lows and crisps highs.

Pearl's EZ Tune Djembe is the first djembe ever to combine the traditional look and feel of a rope djembe with the modern functionality of a mechanical tuning system. With traditional oak or lightweight Fiberglass construction, the EZ-Tune Djembe provides the incredible low-end response and cutting high-end projection that Pearl djembes are known for, with unprecedented tuning accuracy. EZ Tune Djembes truly are the future of Djembe construction and function.

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