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Ivory Coast Djembes

Djembe drums come in a wide range of sizes and styles, many of which pay tribute to the origins of these West African drums. A djembe is an instrument for personal expression through rhythm, tone and pitch, and can also visually represent the drummer in terms of the appearance.

Djembes from Ivory Coast have a subtle appearance and warm sound that is attributed to the use of dense Iroko or Bala wood. These hand-carved drums feature a more rounded bowl that may flatten at its base and a trumpet that is considered wider at its top than other djembe drums. Typically speaking, Ivory Coast djembe drums let the grain and natural coloring of the carved wood define their appearance over using ropes as decoration.

Well-known djembe rhythms like the Suku, Maraka and Wassalou rhythms are attributed to West Africas influence on music around the world.

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