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How Sabian Cymbals Are Made

Go behind the scenes with Sabian Cymbals. Chris Stankee (Sabian AR Manager) & Chris Sears (SMI Drum Instructor) talk about how Sabian Cymbals are made with footage from the factory. Definitely worth watching! Part 1: The beginnings Learn about the copper and tin materials used to create the B20 Bell Bronze castings and the B8 Sheet Bronze. [...]

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Introducing the new M-Series Cymbal from MEINL

Meinl, one of the leading heavy weights in the cymbal market, has come crashing through with another fantastic line of German made cymbals. The M-Series, created from B20 bronze alloy and manufactured through a high-tech computerized process, gives off a traditional vibe yet are as loud as you need them to be. Created with versatility [...]

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Types of Cymbals for your Drum Kit

Between different drum and percussion kits, there are several different choices that can help accent the music and rhythms being played. From wood blocks and the type of drum sticks or mallets to the different drums and cymbals available, determining the best parts for the job can be a confusing part of any musician's life. [...]

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Artist Profile: Aaron Gillespie

For hard-hitting drum beats and an extensive history of drumming and vocals, look no further for artist inspiration than Aaron Gillespie. Gillespie is the former drummer of Underoath, a Christian metalcore band, and has recently been pursuing a solo career with a spiritual purpose, as well as providing drumming lessons, touring, blogging and clearing a [...]

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Artist Profile: Spencer Smith

Noted on Urban Dictionary as the “best looking member” of alternative band, Panic! At the Disco, Spencer Smith is a millennial drummer with the skills and attitude to embark on a drumming career without boundaries. Preferring to maintain his technical mastery over driving rhythms and strong beats instead of improvisational fills, Smith brings a strong [...]

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Artist Profile: Chris Coleman

Described by some as a “drumming ninja,” Chris Coleman has drummed for legends like Chaka Khan, New Kids on the Block, Prince, Babyface and Christina Aguilera, as well as participated in Drummers 4 Jesus. He has traveled the world, and now calls LA home, but still gives credit to his earliest influences [...]

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Meinl Grant McFarland Video Contest

Want some cymbals? Want them for free? Can you shred like a metal maniac? This contest may be the answer to your drumming obsession, love of music or need to be part of something bigger than yourself: the release of a new line of cymbals. Grant McFarland, drummer for This or the Apocalypse, [...]

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Cymbals Direct Now an Authorized Dealer for Zildjian

Zildjian has been a leader in cymbals for centuries, innovating the world of drumming, classical music and performance for over 300 years. Cymbals Direct is proud to announce its designation as an authorized dealer for Zildjian cymbals, bringing the quality, sound and dedication to music direct to customers around the world. Zildjian [...]

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Warm-ups for Drummers

Paradiddle, paradiddle, paradiddle-diddle. Drumming has its own language, vibe and reality, especially when it comes to the physical toll a drumming session can take on the arms, wrists, hands and ankles. Whether you are a full-body metal drummer like Igor Cavalera, a jazz-funk-rock-funk-jazz expert like Cindy Blackman, or just play a [...]

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Artist Profile: Jon Rice

Metal drummers are unlike all other drummers, throwing body, mind and soul into driving rhythms that can outlast and upstage even the most intuitive drum machine. For these artists, drumming is a commitment to music, to the art of thrashing, and a genre of entertainment that forces pop-flavored, auto-tuned radio peeps [...]

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