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So, You Want to Buy Your Kid a Drum?

So, You Want to Buy Your Kid a Drum?

As adults, we want to be sure that our children are given the best tools for success in life. We watch, eagerly (and, maybe cringe a little) as those little minds and bodies develop their own interests, opinions and voices that are such important parts of the personalities we have pledged to love, no matter what. Then, one day, those little hands start slapping or tapping on a bucket, a pot or even on our own drums. In that moment, we realize, life has come full circle.

My kid is a drumming genius! I must go forth and purchase all things drums and percussion so that my virtuoso is able to fully express the inner rhythm that is clearly intuitive, natural and must be shared with the world!

Or, maybe your kid just asked you for a drum or drum set.

Either way, buying a drum for a child isn’t quite as easy as you think. Mostly, because there are so many different drums to choose from and kids aren’t a lot of help. They’re not the ones who have to wonder about the quality of a drum, the cost, how durable it is and whether it will really bring out those natural drumming abilities that are suddenly so obvious. Heck, depending on the age of the kid, a bucket and a stick might just be perfect, but, let’s just talk about fancier drums instead.

Drum sets or drum kits for kids:

If your kid is ready to rock out, or get all smooth with the jazz, you’re looking at a beginner drum set or just a snare drum. Keep in mind your own space considerations, as the “junior” sets typically come in 3-piece (snare, tom, bass drum) or 5-piece configurations (snare, rack toms, floor tom, bass drum).

Our pick: X8 Drums 5-Pc Junior Drum Set, Blue

For Teens & Adults: X8 Drums Pro Series Maple 5 Piece Drum Set

Hand drums for kids:

One of the greatest things about a drum is that you can hit it with just your hands. Kids and hand drums go together like peas and carrots, and the benefits of a hand drum for creative expression, motor control and overall kid awesomeness cannot be underestimated. Hand drums are also easier to transport and can be used by anyone in the family who is ready to get their own groove on.

Bongos: X8 Drums Two-Tone Tunable Bongo Set

Djembe: Remo Festival Djembe

Cajon:  X8 Drums Earthtones Cajon

Hand percussion for kids:

Just in case you are eager to start your own kid-size drum circle, or if your kid really just wants more than a drum, you’ve got plenty of options for other hand percussion instruments to add into the mix. Since kids and percussion instruments come in all different shapes and sizes, you’re bound to find a perfect fit between the two, and discovering which instruments are right is a huge part of the fun of percussion instruments.

Glockenspiel:  Island Kids Tom Drum with Mallets

Nino Percussion Classroom Rhythm Set

There can be some odd reactions when you reveal your plan to buy your kid a drum, but, we understand exactly where you’re coming from. Not everyone understands the difference between (and importance of) drums and “noise” like the rest of us do, and we want kids to experience the benefits of music and rhythm as soon as possible. The outcome of playing an instrument, especially a drum or percussion instrument, outweighs the looks of disapproval and jokes about ear plugs, and we fully support your support of your kids desire to rock out. We stand behind you in your quest for instilling strong rhythmic values in the youth of this world. We know that you’re just looking out for the rest of the planet by handing a child a drum or percussion instrument…

and we salute you.

20th Nov 2021

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