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X8 Community Drummer Spotlight: Jan T.

X8 Community Drummer Spotlight: Jan T.

Jan's Studio

Drumming is knowing I am part of history and years of a way of life. It's spiritual to me and takes me to a serene place. When we are at the drum circle, we are all drumming and really "feeling" the sounds everyone is smiling and having fun. It's a wonderful beautiful moment and gives me peace. I look forward to drum circle every month! I am still learning the rhythms and while it is frustrating, I wouldn't give it up for anything!

My daughter was the person who introduced me to drumming. She is a belly dancer and has danced along with the drums, but she also takes lessons too. She was always asking me to come along and I got curious one time and went --- that's when I realized how much fun it was.

Jan's Djembes

Drumming is something that can be learned by young and old alike. It can show you real quick how much rhythm you do (or don't) have. I don't know how many times my head could "hear" the beat but my hands just weren't "getting" it. One week we were learning a really easy beat and my daughter was doing great but I was struggling. The harder I tried the worse I got and then we started laughing, which in turn got the instructor laughing and then the rest of the class joined in.

I can only conclude by saying that I'm glad I gave drumming a chance because I've learned so much from it -- not only about the history itself but the fact that I even I can learn something new! So I would definitely encourage others to give it a try.

Jan Playing Djembe

Readers, originally, Jan had no drum of her own... until her daughter surprised her with the one above! Now Jan can share her love of drumming wherever and whenever she wants! We just love a happy ending!

Thank you for sharing your story with us! Drummers, tell us why YOU love drumming and drum circles! We'd love to share your story, too!

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3rd Jul 2023

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