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  • 23rd Jun 2019

    A Note About African Djembes

    Like the trees in a forest or the individual crafting a djembe by hand, traditional djembe drums are beautiful in the imperfections they hold. Understanding the history and culture of the djembe…

  • 23rd Jun 2019

    Key Tuned vs. Rope Tuned Djembe

    There are essentially two types of tuning systems found on most djembe drums - key tuned and rope tuned. To help you make a more informed decision when selecting your new djembe, I will discuss eac…

  • How to Tune a Djembe

    27th Nov 2018

    How to Tune a Djembe

    Learn how to tune your rope tuned djembe. In this lesson you will get step by step instructions on how to create diamonds with the extra rope on your drum in order to tighten the drum head. Underst…

    Published by Kenya Masala

  • Developing the Pulse: the Natural Beat of the Drummer

    26th Mar 2018

    Developing the Pulse: the Natural Beat of the Drummer

    Some people have it, some people don’t: a pulse. No, that’s not true, everyone has a pulse, but not everyone knows that.Of course, we’re speaking rhythm, not your actual pulse… but that’s a good pl…

    Published by Kristin Stancato

  • 13th Oct 2017

    NEW LP Raw Instruments

    LP Raw delivers a completely new concept in percussion for percussionists!Get the thunderous punch and explosive power of Street Cans and upcycled trash can lids that make the LP Raw instruments a mus…