X8 Drums Blog

  • 9th Sep 2019

    Drum Fashion: How to Dress Up your Djembe

    Not that we would ever encourage “drum envy,” but, have you ever noticed that some djembe drums have a little more going on than the rest? We’re not talking the hand-carved djembes (although, those…

    Published by Kristin Stancato

  • 8th Sep 2019

    X8 Drums Staff Review of the Gretsch Marquee Drum Set

    Matt from X8 Drums took some time to demo and talk about the Gretsch Marquee Drum Set, a brand new offering from Gretsch. After playing a couple of songs and getting a feel for the kit at Wunder…

    Published by Kaitlin Meilert

  • 23rd Jun 2019

    How to Tune Your Djembe

    Due to the delicate nature of the materials used in a Djembe, it is normal for the drum to need periodic maintenance and tuning in order to produce its best sound and keep the drum in top for…

  • 23rd Jun 2019

    A Note About African Djembes

    Like the trees in a forest or the individual crafting a djembe by hand, traditional djembe drums are beautiful in the imperfections they hold. Understanding the history and culture of the djembe…