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New Lava Lamp Djembes!

New Lava Lamp Djembes!

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Roll into a retro vibe with a groovy Lava Lamp Djembe from X8 Drums. It has a unique design that resembles the colorful motion of the timeless lava lamps of the '70s. This lightweight yet voluminous djembe is built for the drummer on the go with a virtually indestructible PVC shell that provides excellent resonance. The traditional rope tuning system is fitted with a premium goatskin drum head designed to deliver an awesome range of tones. Great for djembe solos and group performances alike, this X8 djembe creates loud, deep bass tones as well as high-pitch slap tones. The larger the drum size, the deeper the bass.


  • Extremely lightweight PVC shell
  • Traditional rope tuning system
  • Premium goatskin drum head
  • Size options: 10" head x 18" tall and 7" head x 12" tall


Lava Lamp Djembe Green

Lava Lamp Djembe Set of 3

24th Sep 2023

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