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DRUM! Magazine Tests Out Tycoon's Crate Cajon

Tycoon recently released a new cajon to add to their many cajon options. While a new cajon might not seem so special and exciting, Tycoon’s Crate Cajon offers a variety of creative, one-of-a-kind features, starting with its vintage wooden crate shell handcrafted from 100% eco-friendly Siam oak. Not only does the crate-like shell add unique aesthetic but, according to DRUM! Magazine, brings the cajon back to its roots. African slaves working on 18th century Peruvian farms weren’t allowed to play instruments, but that didn’t stop them from getting creative with boxes and crates, which eventually transformed into the cajon.

While the Tycoon Crate Cajon’s coolest feature is certainly its crate design, both for its rustic appearance and what that represents, this new cajon has even more to offer when it comes to design, sound, and convenience. Here are a few highlights of all the unique features:

  • Asian hardwood and Siam oak playing surface produces warm sounds, a rich bass tone, and bright and crisp slap tones
  • Four easily adjustable snares aligned in a V shape that falls in line with natural striking spots produces a clear snare tone
  • Snare-adjusting Allen wrench attached to inside support frame for forgetful owners
  • Lightweight design is easy to transport from gig to gig
  • Wooden slats across sides and back with a light, gloss-free satin finish creates a rustic yet sophisticated look

Like what you see? The Crate Cajon is available for purchase here.

DRUM! Magazine’s verdict? “The Crate Cajon is a great choice overall,” writes reviewer Clarice Cast. For an in-depth description and review of this drum, head over to

19th Aug 2023

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