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Guinea Djembe

Traditional Guinea djembe drums are some of the world’s most sought-after hand percussion instruments. These drums are known for the high-quality craftsmanship that has been handed down over generations. Made from indigenous hardwood like Khadi, Akajou or Lenke, the visual beauty and sound of Guinea djembes is show stopping.

All djembe drums are goblet shaped, but each type of djembe can have its own visual and tonal characteristics that are original to the area of West Africa in which they are constructed. Guinea djembes have a deep bowl that is typically around half of the size of the entire drum. This bowl produces robust bass tones that are amplified through the wide trumpet at the bottom of the bowl. The trumpet on a Guinea djembe tends to be straight, although it will widen slightly at the base. These drums are also known for elaborate carvings like chevrons and intricate rope inlays.

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