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Warm-ups for Drummers

Paradiddle, paradiddle, paradiddle-diddle. Drumming has its own language, vibe and reality, especially when it comes to the physical toll a drumming session can take on the arms, wrists, hands and ankles. Whether you are a full-body metal drummer like Igor Cavalera, a jazz-funk-rock-funk-jazz expert like Cindy Blackman, or just play a [...]

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Artist Profile: Jon Rice

Metal drummers are unlike all other drummers, throwing body, mind and soul into driving rhythms that can outlast and upstage even the most intuitive drum machine. For these artists, drumming is a commitment to music, to the art of thrashing, and a genre of entertainment that forces pop-flavored, auto-tuned radio peeps [...]

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Meinl Generation X Cymbals

When it comes to cutting-edge rhythm and unique sound, drummers often search for the latest and most innovative cymbals on the market to enhance and cultivate a personal drumming style. With the wide array of cymbals available today, the cymbal sound, decay and timbre choices may seem endless. The Generation X [...]

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Cymbal Sets for New or Better Sound

The right cymbal is just as important as the right drum when it comes to finding a style and sound that fits the drummer. When a drummer first begins to explore the cymbal options available, it can seem an overwhelming task, especially with all of the various types of cymbals available from [...]

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Cymbal Finishes

Whether bright and shiny, subtly matte, lathed, dark or mysterious, the way a cymbal looks has more than a visual effect on a music performance. Cymbals are complicated instruments that are crafted according to standards that have been improved upon for centuries. From the angle of the cymbal, the size of [...]

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Vera Figueiredo: Brazil’s Queen of Drumming

The thought of Brazilian drumming may bring to mind fantastic Latin rhythms and the integration of world drums into edgy and driving beats that make even the shyest spectator want to dance. In the case of Vera Figueiredo, this stereotype is absolutely true, yet not the complete picture of sound. Vera [...]

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The Beauty of the Gong

The unmistakable sound of a gong can accentuate the end of a song or phrase within music, or be a reminder of the cultural significance of instruments within spiritual circles. These unique instruments are a symbol of Asian culture and are deeply tied to the lives of those within countries like [...]

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Portnoy and Sabian Live at NAMM

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) never fails to provide an annual look into the best products and talents available throughout the world of music. For those lucky enough to attend a NAMM event, lives are changed forever, especially when it comes to  experiencing some of the greatest talent the industry [...]

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Rick Allen and the Wounded Warrior Project

Def Leppard may be best known for its songs like, “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” or “Hysteria,” but this hard rock band has one thing that relatively few other bands can claim: a drummer who personally knows the value of drumming as therapy.As the result of a street racing accident in 1984, [...]

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Cymbal Anatomy and Sound

The ancient techniques of cymbal making have produced a range of cymbal styles that appeal to different drummers across the music spectrum. For the earliest origins of the cymbal, these instruments have been strategically crafted to produce different sounds that accent music from rock to jazz, and classical to world music. [...]

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