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Are You a Drummer, a Percussionist or Both?

If you’re one of those music fans who scour the backside of album covers or the sleeve of a CD, you probably noticed that some artists are given credit for being a drummer, while others are labeled as a percussionist. You may even see both titles next to an artist’s name, causing you to once again question everything you ever knew about the world of music, rhythm, drums and percussion instruments. We feel your pain. There are legendary drummers who would never once say they’r …
18th Dec 2014 Kristin Stancato

What is a Hang Drum?

It’s the most unusual, awesome and extraterrestrial thing to come to melodic percussion in the 21st century, of course. There are a lot of debates about these “drums” in the world of music, including whether a hang (pronounced “hahng,” or “hung,” per its German roots) is even a drum. However, since it is played through hitting the surface of the drum, it is a percussion instrument. Some would say it is an idiophone. We just say hanghang (the plural form of the word) are awesome. Hang …
13th Sep 2014

Pick up the Beat: Drums and Percussion Benefit Kids

As anyone who has ever tried it knows, hitting things with sticks is a great stress reliever.Any child who has ever started banging on pots and pans knows just how much fun drumming can be. It’s no wonder so many children find themselves drawn to the drums. Through learning to play the drums kids learn healthy ways to express themselves as well as self-confidence. Many young people today find themselves struggling with their self-esteem. Many children seek to define a sense of self while …
3rd Aug 2014
More than Toe-Tappin: Percussion for the Feet!

More than Toe-Tappin: Percussion for the Feet!

Usually when people think of percussion instruments they think of hand percussion instruments. What people often forget is that there are other ways to make music than just with your hands. In fact, there’s a whole variety of percussion instruments that can be played with the feet. These percussion instruments include foot drums, foot tambourines, foot cabasas, and  ankle bells or foot rattles. A foot drum is a drum that is played either with the bare foot or with a floor …
25th Jul 2014