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Pick up the Beat: Drums and Percussion Benefit Kids

As anyone who has ever tried it knows, hitting things with sticks is a great stress reliever.Any child who has ever started banging on pots and pans knows just how much fun drumming can be. It’s no wonder so many children find themselves drawn to the drums. Through learning to play the drums kids learn healthy ways to express themselves as well as self-confidence.

Many young people today find themselves struggling with their self-esteem. Many children seek to define a sense of self while balancing pressures from the outside world. With increasing pressure put on children to succeed, many kids just need a release. Drumming has been proven to relieve stress through both physical action and emotional release. Through exploring different rhythmic patterns and beats children learn to express their emotions. They learn healthy patterns for dealing with emotions while learning a love of music at the same time.

Drumming boosts self-esteem by presenting a series of challenges to children. First there is the challenge of learning a new skill. Drumming can be a great way to introduce children to the challenges of musical performance. Children must utilize both fine and gross motor skills to master the physical act of playing the drums. They also have to work on their musical ear and sense of rhythmic timing. Once children have mastered these skills they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Another challenge comes for many children when it comes time to perform. Many people experience anxiety when they need to present or perform in front of an audience. Through musical performance many children are able to overcome this fear.

For many people, the moment they first pick up a drum and start playing is the beginning of a journey. This is a journey of self exploration and self discovery. Through trying out different styles and rhythms drummers can try out different personas. Drummers can also learn to explore different cultures through their music traditions. In some special instances people may discover a part of their heritage that resonates with them and makes them feel connected to a history larger than their own. For many people drumming has been the key to unlocking a sense of self and learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin.

2nd Aug 2014

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