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More than Toe-Tappin: Percussion for the Feet!

More than Toe-Tappin: Percussion for the Feet!

Usually when people think of percussion instruments they think of hand percussion instruments. What people often forget is that there are other ways to make music than just with your hands. In fact, there’s a whole variety of percussion instruments that can be played with the feet. These percussion instruments include foot drums, foot tambourines, foot cabasas, and  ankle bells or foot rattles.

A foot drum is a drum that is played either with the bare foot or with a floor pedal. The most common type of a foot drum is the bass drum or kick drum that’s part of a standard drum set. There are also some drum companies that make specialized foot drums. These foot drums are perfect for a one man band or for a musician looking to take their performance to the next level.

Foot tambourines are small tambourines that can be strapped to the foot of a musician. They are then played by tapping the foot with the foot tambourine attached. Foot tambourines are ideal for cajon players or guitarists, and can add depth to any musical performance.

Foot cabasas are another exciting percussion instrument that can be played with the feet. Foot cabasas are played with a floor pedal that is pressed with the foot. When the pedal is pressed the beading on the cabasa is rotated and the traditional cabasa sound is produced. The foot cabasa makes it possible to keep a rhythm going with a cabasa while playing the drums or guitar with your hands.

Ankle bells or foot rattles are another percussive instrument that can be played with the feet. These instruments are tied or strapped around the ankle of the percussionist. When the percussionist stomps their foot the ankle bells or foot rattles jingle lightly. The tone can be manipulated by how hard and fast the musician stomps their foot.

The next time you’re shopping for percussion instruments, consider trying out a percussion instrument for the feet. Foot percussion instruments can be a fun and exciting way to add more instruments to your performance. You may just discover a new favorite instrument.

24th Jul 2014

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