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Considering a Handpan for Your Next Musical Purchase?

Considering a Handpan for Your Next Musical Purchase?

What is a handpan?

A handpan is a musical instrument that resembles a UFO and produces captivating, melodic sounds. It is a type of steel drum, but instead of having a traditional circular shape, it is shaped like a flying saucer with a central note and a series of tone fields around it. The instrument is played by striking the different tone fields with the hands or fingers, creating a mesmerizing and soothing resonance. Handpans are often used for yoga, meditation, and therapeutic purposes due to their calming and ethereal tones.

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Unique features and benefits of handpans

The unique and captivating sound of handpans makes them a distinct musical instrument choice. Handpans are versatile, offering a melodic and tranquil sound that suits various music styles, meditation, and relaxation. They are also portable, lightweight, and durable, making them perfect for traveling musicians and outdoor performances. Handpans are easy to learn and require no prior musical experience, making them accessible to beginners. Additionally, their handcrafted design and artistic finish make each handpan a work of art and a unique addition to any musician's collection.

Where to find handpans for sale

You can find handpans for sale from X8 Drums as well as independent handpan makers and sellers. You can also check online marketplaces, specialty music stores, and handpan festivals where you can get a chance to see and play different handpans before making a purchase. Additionally, joining handpan communities and forums can help you connect with experienced players who may have recommendations on where to find high-quality handpans.

Considerations before purchasing a handpan

Before purchasing a handpan, consider important factors such as the handpan's material, scale, and tuning. Look for reputable handpan makers who use high-quality materials and have a good track record. Additionally, explore different handpan scales to find the one that best suits your musical style and preferences. Finally, ensure that the handpan is well-tuned and produces clear, resonant sounds. Eventually, like most instruments, your handpan will need to be tuned. Check Youtube, Craigslist or your local music store to find a tuning professional. Pay attention to these considerations to make an informed decision when purchasing a handpan.

Entertainment and therapeutic benefits of playing a handpan

Playing the handpan can be both entertaining and therapeutic. It can help reduce stress and anxiety while providing a creative outlet for self-expression. The soothing and melodic sounds of the handpan can also promote relaxation and mindfulness. Moreover, the handpan's unique design and portability make it a versatile instrument for various musical settings, from solo performances to group jam sessions. Whether you are a music enthusiast or looking for a way to unwind, the handpan offers a captivating and enriching musical experience.

24th Feb 2024

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