Sela SE 004A CaSela Zebrano Professional Cajon with Removable Snare System

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CaSela Professional Snare Cajon - Zebrano

The CaSela Professional Snare Cajon is a beautifully made, top of the market cajon. The bass end is low and dry with a full snare that cuts through. This cajon has one of the best separations of bass and snare you will get with many other tones also achievable. The CaSela also features the protected Sela Removable Snare System effectively giving you two cajons in one. The snare system allows you to stack additional snares on top to give you even more snare sound.

The CaSela Zebrano Professional Cajon is built from the finest birch wood, the rounded corners are made from high-grade maple. The premium Zebrano frontplate is crafted to produce great tone and range. As with all CaSela Cajons, this drum comes flat packed allowing you to find the sweet spots as you assemble it yourself in just 30 minutes. When you choose Sela, more of your investment goes towards quality design and materials and less towards shipping and labor.   Buy this cajon at X8 Drums here:   Performance by Paul Jennings.

The Sound

The sound of this drum is incredible. The bass tone is powerful and punchy, with no need for extra kick ports to enhance the bass. It fills the room in a controlled and rounded way. You can achieve two main snare hits on the CaSela, one is full and has a great depth, the other gives you a nice pop on the high end. The playing surface is very high quality, sturdy, and allows you to achieve many other tones when using your foot to change the pitch. The materials used for the components are of very high quality. The side, top and bottom panles are made from high-grade birch and the rounded corners are made from, high-grade maple.

Maximum comfort and optimal sound production
The extra-strong body guarantees an optimal sound production. Rounded corners and the Sela Thin Splash veneered playing surface provide a relaxed and enjoyable playing feeling. There are three veneer models available: Satin Nut, Tineo and Zebrano. Due to the construction, subsequent replacement of the playing surface is possible.

Removable Sela Snare System and special clap corners

The sound of the Sela Snare System can be attenuated or amplified according to your taste. Additionally you can remove the snare easily. Through that your CaSela turns into a traditional Peruvian cajon without a snare. The cajon has individually adjustable clap corners, in addition to the crisp snare sound and the differentiated bass.

Premium quality sound and comfort
CaSela cajon body is extra strong with rounded corners offering maximum stability. The hand-picked veneer playing surface are chosen for their resonance and tone.

Sela Snare System
Obtain the perfect amount of snare response from your CaSela with the removeable Snare System. Double up on the Snare system or remove it altogether for a Peruvian effect. Adjustable clap corners allow further sonic opportunities.



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  • Posted by Micah on 21st Aug 2014


    CaSela Professional Snare Cajon Rocks my Socks!

    This is not the original cajon I had in mind to buy when I set out to buy the drum. I was first struck by the beauty. This thing looks amazing! It serves as just a nice accent to a room when no one is beating on it, BUT . . . I am extremely impressed by the sound that comes out of it. The snare system is so simple, but so effective. It is definitely my new favorite instrument around the house :)