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X8 Drums Explorer Series Flamenco Cajon

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  • X8 Drums Explorer Series Flamenco Cajon
  • X8 Drums Explorer Series Flamenco Cajon
  • X8 Drums Explorer Series Flamenco Cajon
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The X8 Drums Explorer Series Dark Walnut Cajon with a stained Teak Wood frontplate and dark oak stained resonating body delivers classic Cajon sounds and effect at a great price. A cajon is often used to replace full drum sets in unplugged performances of flamenco or world music, delivering a powerful rhythm that drives the entire band.

This drum features adjustable internal strings to customize the snare response. The patented bass port offers an extra boomy low end to your bass notes.

The drum has a matte finish has adjustable top corners, letting the musician to control the amount of crash and snap. Loosen for a strong effect, or tighten for a more mild crash.

An anti-slipping sitting surface allows the musician to play this Cajon with ease, encouraging you to work longer. Additionally, the rubber footing on the bottom of the hand drum lets you travel easily, able to play steadily on any floor surface inside or outside.

Dimensions: Approx. 11"W x 19.5"H x 10"D

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