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Caring for Your Cymbals and Preventing Cymbal Damage

There is little worse than sitting down at a drum set, ready to rock, and noticing a crack, chip or break in a crash, hi-hat, splash or other cymbal. It’s not uncommon for cymbals to become damaged through normal use, storage or transportation, but the resulting disappointment a drummer endures can [...]

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Artist Profile: Rich Beddoe

With little biographical information available, the stereotypical mystery of a drummer is alive and well in Rich Beddoe, one of the members of Canada’s alternative rock icons, Finger Eleven. For fans of the genre, Finger Eleven brings its fans a look into the longevity of a band that was originally formed [...]

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Cymbal Choking Technique

Drumming is more than just keeping a steady beat and rhythm for the benefit of the other instruments and musicians in a band, drumming is able to elicit an emotional response to the music, much in the same manner as a guitar, bass, piano or any other instrument. It is this subtle [...]

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Drumming is Just a Fancy Word for STEM Education

STEM education is everywhere right now, creating what is hoped to be a path toward better living and excellence for all students. STEM is “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,” all concepts that are important for everyone to learn. Unfortunately, there are plenty of times when STEM education goals take away from music programs, literature studies and the arts in general. [...]

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The Wood, the Size and the Skinny on Drum Sticks

Like snowflakes, there are no two drum sticks that are exactly alike, and odd concept when you consider that they generally come in pairs. They’re pretty close to being exactly the same, unless we’re talking about plastic or sticks that aren’t made from some type of solid wood … which we aren’t… we’re talking about those prized wooden drum [...]

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DrumSTRONG 2015 – 9 Years of Going STRONG and Beating Cancer in North Carolina

At some point in your life, you may have overheard or told by someone that you didn’t have any rhythm. Maybe you were dancing or air drumming, or just tapping your foot along to your favorite song. Those words probably threw you off, and you realized how your heart hurt at hearing them; your heart, the center of your [...]

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Diggin’ the Country Groove: Drums and Country Music

Too often, the “look” of a drummer is that of a sweaty, shirtless rocker behind a ginormous drum set with double bass pedals and octopus arms hammering away. Or, there’s the laid back jazz drummer with a hi-hat, drum brushes, cool hat and sunglasses. But, when you think about a country music drummer, that image might be a little [...]

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Drum Brushes Aren't Just for the Jazz Scene

There’s a certain vibe that can only come from jazz drumming: laid back, cool, maybe a little crazy, but in a different way than those other “crazy” styles of drumming. When most people picture jazz drumming, images of a sunglasses-clad drummer nodding away to a backbeat are pretty common. That backbeat itself is laid-back, cool… and a little different, [...]

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A Broken Cymbal Doesn't Have to Break Your Heart

Drumming is full of triumphs and tribulations, from the moment you pick up your first pair of drum sticks until that final day when you hand your sticks off to the next generation to become a legend. Just when you think you’ve mastered that slick solo you’ve been working on for months and are ready to show off your [...]

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Taking the Leap and Getting Over Your Drum Circle Anxiety

Social anxiety is a problem we all face from time to time. It can rear its head in a “stage fright” manner, or in the total avoidance of any public situation. If you’ve ever had butterflies before a first date, an interview or before heading off to college, you’ve had a taste of social anxiety. Others may experience a [...]

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