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Drum Brushes Aren't Just for the Jazz Scene

There’s a certain vibe that can only come from jazz drumming: laid back, cool, maybe a little crazy, but in a different way than those other “crazy” styles of drumming. When most people picture jazz drumming, images of a sunglasses-clad drummer nodding away to a backbeat are pretty common. That backbeat itself is laid-back, cool… and a little different, [...]

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A Broken Cymbal Doesn't Have to Break Your Heart

Drumming is full of triumphs and tribulations, from the moment you pick up your first pair of drum sticks until that final day when you hand your sticks off to the next generation to become a legend. Just when you think you’ve mastered that slick solo you’ve been working on for months and are ready to show off your [...]

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Taking the Leap and Getting Over Your Drum Circle Anxiety

Social anxiety is a problem we all face from time to time. It can rear its head in a “stage fright” manner, or in the total avoidance of any public situation. If you’ve ever had butterflies before a first date, an interview or before heading off to college, you’ve had a taste of social anxiety. Others may experience a [...]

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Go Global: Adding World Percussion to a Drum Set

Drummers all have one thing in common: we love exploring the sound of percussion. That’s why we always want more drums, cymbals and why we love accent percussion. We covet our case full of drum sticks, mallets and brushes, and we cannot wait each year for the latest bass pedal release. We are always evolving our skills, our “sound” [...]

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Posture and Pain: a Drummer’s Biggest Challenge?

There’s nothing worse than a shooting pain in your lower back or shoulder in the middle of playing your drum set. You’re in the groove, doin’ your thing and ZOW! You’re in agony! Plenty of drummers experience the natural aches and pains of drumming, like sore muscles, blisters on the fingers or hands or blurred vision from over-drumming (it [...]

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Decorating Djembes and Hand Drums with Henna

Some hand drums just stand out above the others, whether with their sound, size or even just the way the drum looks. Most hand drum players start with finding the “right” sound of a drum, whether a djembe, doumbek or a set of bongos. But, appearance can always be a factor that sways even the best drummer – we’re [...]

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Djembes and Drums for Modern Worship? YES!

Plenty of people consider the djembe drum a staple instrument in drum circles or in performances that highlight African culture. These popular hand drums are also responsible for exciting experiences in schools, for motivating employees in team building exercises and forging connections within communities. So, why is it so shocking to see a djembe drum in a place of worship?For [...]

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Looking for a Better Drum Sound? Check Your Drum Heads!

Because drummers like to be different, we tend to gravitate toward the complexities of life. Such as choosing the right drum or drums for the music we want to play. Everyone knows that drums come in all sorts of different styles, sizes, brands and configurations. There are hand drums like djembes, doumbeks and congas or drum set and component [...]

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Developing the Pulse: the Natural Beat of the Drummer

Some people have it, some people don’t: a pulse. No, that’s not true, everyone has a pulse, but not everyone knows that.Of course, we’re speaking rhythm, not your actual pulse… but that’s a good place to start. If you put your hand on your heart, your neck or wrist, you can easily feel your heart beating, or your pulse. [...]

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Seeing Double: The Bongos and You

Are you a bongocero, a fan of the bongos, a lover of paired percussion? We sure are. But, we get that not everyone wants to sit behind a drum set and pound away on snares, toms and cymbals. Just like not everyone wants to sit on a box and play the cajon, or walk around with a djembe [...]

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