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Artist Profile: Philip “Fish” Fisher

There is nothing like a little ska, reggae, punk and funk rock to brighten up the day, and few know the keys to true alternative rock better than Philip “Fish” Fisher. Fisher, a founding member of Fishbone, the band hailed as the most underrated group of the 80s, is the drumming genius behind songs like “Bonin’ in the Boneyard,” “Everyday Sunshine,” and “Freddie’s Dead,” to name a few.

Fisher has played with the best of the best since leaving Fishbone in 1998. His list of credits reads like a biography of musical bewilderment, seemingly bringing the eclectic style of Fishbone to artists that range from country to rock and hip hop to metal. His drumming has graced the recordings of artists like Macy Gray, Seal, Lionel Richie, Taylor Swift, Big Daddy Kane and Timbaland. He is credited with drumming for Red Hot Chili Peppers and has recently been working intently for the great Justin Timberlake. An unstoppable force in drumming, Fisher continues to perform with Wicked Wisdom and J.T. when not on the road with every other artist on the planet, drumming away and bringing a sense of color and style to music today.

Philip “Fish” Fisher was nicknamed, “Fishbone,” while attending an elementary school in Los Angeles, California. He was exposed to different styles and genres of music at an early age, including pop, punk, reggae, fusion, funk, gospel and more. It was this multi-faceted musical education that provided an intense foundation for Fisher’s unique skills to flourish, and also led to his 8th grade debut in the original Fishbone with his brother.

Fisher’s style is enhanced by the equipment he uses, including Zildjian cymbals like the FX Trash Splash. Not only can Fisher shred with the best bands and artists, but he has an ear for subtle tone and decay differences. His drumming reflects his own diverse music background and affinity for offbeat rhythms. With an unstoppable record for working with the world’s greatest musicians and dedication to his art, Fisher proves that he can and will conquer even the most demanding beats, with style and flair.

18th Jun 2015

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