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Artist Profile: Derek Roddy

Divine Empire, Aura Borealis, Malevolent Creation, and Meinl Cymbals all have one person in common, Derek Roddy. Known as one of the fastest drummers alive due to his ability to keep up not only the speed of death metal drumming, but also keep up those speeds for minutes at a time as well as hitting “blast beats,” on the bass drum using only one foot, a drumming technique that usually requires both feet. Roddy has released a DVD that seeks to educate others on how to hit blast beats, and documents the history and evolution of extreme drumming. He is committed to the education of others interested in the world and drumming of death metal, an otherwise overlooked musical world brimming with talent.

Once a member of a school marching band, Roddy began drumming at an early age in South Carolina. He was greatly influenced by drummers like Billy Cobham, Vinnie C, Weckl, Buddy Rich Nicko McBrain and Eric Carr and cites Peter Criss as the drummer who helped him get past his stage fright. Roddy's first tour was at age 18 with the punk band, Bedlam Hour. His biggest words of advice to all aspiring drummers is to stay in school and to learn all types of drum styles.

Derek Roddy is more than just a death metal drummer, even if he is most famous for his speed drumming and efforts within the death metal community. Derek Roddy has contributed not only to bands with his amazing speed and endurance, but also to the drumming and music community at large with his educational efforts online, through books and DVDs and in the world at large. Roddy can play jazz, rock, Latin or blues and is currently working as a clinician for Meinl Cymbals and has recently formed a new band, Serpent's Rise.

Roddy is still drumming, still honing his talent and using his knowledge and experience in the world of music. After leaving Hate Eternal in 2006, Derek Roddy has been showcased in various solo performances on almost every continent with a variety of bands and now helps other drummers learn their craft or improve on their own skills through drum clinics with Meinl Cymbals.

18th Jun 2015

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