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Rick Allen and the Wounded Warrior Project

Def Leppard may be best known for its songs like, “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” or “Hysteria,” but this hard rock band has one thing that relatively few other bands can claim: a drummer who personally knows the value of drumming as therapy.As the result of a street racing accident in 1984, [...]

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Cymbal Anatomy and Sound

The ancient techniques of cymbal making have produced a range of cymbal styles that appeal to different drummers across the music spectrum. For the earliest origins of the cymbal, these instruments have been strategically crafted to produce different sounds that accent music from rock to jazz, and classical to world music. [...]

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Artist Profile: Roy Mayorga

Bringing different styles and techniques of drumming together is one of the most significant moves a drummer can make when it comes to building a long-lasting, interesting career. It is hard to find a great drummer that has not mastered drumming for several types of music, bringing a personal connection [...]

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Marching Band Instruments and Cymbals

Many times, the first experience a person has with musical instruments is through the band or orchestra program in school. From woodwinds to percussion, these programs expose students to the different types of instruments that have impacted music for centuries, and can lead to a life-long love of music in all [...]

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Artist Profile: Mitch Marine

The world of music is full of a vast array of genres, artists, instruments and, above all, passion. The passion for creative expression drives many a musician to great heights, and usually, these amazing artists know from a young age that music is a chosen calling. Mitch Marine is one of [...]

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Sizzle Cymbals

The effortless splendor of a cymbal produces a complex range of tones and resonance that adds to the emotion and spirit of a song.  Whether a crash, splash, hi-hat or ride, the cymbal has a dynamic ability to change the tone of a song to fit a specific genre or style of [...]

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Choosing the Right Cymbals

Cymbal choices are some of the most exciting and overwhelming decisions that must be made when customizing a drum kit. For the drummer ready to move beyond basic cymbals and start building a personal sound, or the professional drummer looking to enhance a drum kit with a brighter sound or a [...]

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Arejay Hale of Halestorm

Fans of Arejay Hale, of Halestorm, know his amazing control of both the drums and the audience during a concert.  Hale has been known to interrupt his own intense drum solos to ramp up the crowd, conducting from the stage with drum sticks, and orchestrating the crowd’s cheers and chants, bending them [...]

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The John Wackerman 2nd Annual Las Vegas Drum Festival

When Las Vegas, Nevada, is mentioned, a visual landscape of gambling, outrageous stage shows and Elvis impersonators may come to mind. In February, 2012, however, drums will take over the imagery that is inspired by the city that never sleeps. Welcome to the John Wackerman 2nd Annual Las Vegas Drum Festival, [...]

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Artist Profile: Blake Fleming

Blake Fleming is a man who knows drums, and the rhythm and style it takes to create a new voice in drumming. His drum interest began at the young age of eight, leading him to several years of performance within orchestras, bagpipe bands and other experiences that led him straight into the [...]

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