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Why and How to Play Didgeridoo with "Didge Man" Omid Aski Laridjani

Why and How to Play Didgeridoo with "Didge Man" Omid Aski Laridjani

Omid Aski Laridjani discusses the origins of the didgeridoo and how to get the most out of your playing.

The didgeridoo comes from the northern part of Australia. Many different tribes use this instrument for the same purpose; to connect to the energy and language of mother earth. The didgeridoo enables you to follow any rhythm like a shadow.

Highlights from the video:

1:17 The instrument is played by buzzing your lips and that creates a drone sound. To get started, first relax your face and lips.

1:47 Tip: Do not puff out your cheeks. When you do this, it reduces the power of your diaphragm.

2:58 One of the most fundamental aspects of didgeridoo playing is following rhythms sourced from your connection to nature.

4:12 Incorporating vocal accents (beatbox) in the sound.

4:25 The Yolngu tribes of Australia have developed the language of song for the didgeridoo.

5:09 Omid demonstrates the words/sounds of the Yolngu people. He shows how their language is different from the typical beatbox type of rhythms we hear on didgeridoo in the United States.

5:35 Consonants are objects. Vowels are movements.

6:15 How to play the drone sound.

7:04 Play against a reflective surface so you can feel the sound you are creating.

7:20 Once you get the drone sound you can activate your voice.

8:04 About the orchestra of sound in Australia and how termites use eucalyptus trees.

10:14 Health benefits of the didgeridoo.

6th Jul 2017

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