X8 Drums Presents Pearl Percussion!

X8 Drums just keeps getting better! In a continuing effort to provide the world’s best percussion instruments to our customers, X8 drums is proud add the full line of Pearl Percussion instruments to our website!

Pearl Percussion may be best known for its unrivaled manufacturing of fiberglass or wood drum shells. Pearl drums are the embodiment of durability and dynamic sound bringing quality and value to their lines of drums and percussion instruments. These drums and percussion instruments have been favored by artists on stage, in the studio and throughout drumming events for high quality, robust sound and incredible stage presence. Whether you’re a fan of Bobby Allende’s Congas, Richie Flores’ Bongos, or just want a Taiko sound in your bag of tricks, Pearl Percussion has the drum of your dreams.

X8 Drums is thrilled to add Pearl Drums and Percussion instruments to the family; bringing value, incredible sound and a life-long love of music to our amazing customers.

28th Oct 2014

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