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Why You Need Taiko Drums in Your Life

There are so many reasons to drum and be one with the beat, we’re often caught off guard when anyone says they don’t “get” drummers. So, maybe you aren’t the kind of person who can spend hours behind a drum set, pounding away with your drumsticks and learning the intricacies of the hi-hat. Maybe you’re not that much into drum circles, or djembe drums and the fun of community drumming. Maybe the obvious drumming traditions aren’t all that exciting for you, and you need more pomp and splendo …
13th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato

Google Pays Tribute to Alla Rakha with Tabla Google

In case you missed it, Google’s doodle on April 30 depicted tabla maestro Ustad Alla Rakha, an Indian tabla player and one of the greatest international musicians of his generation. The doodle was created in honor of the late musician’s 95th birthday. The tribute came as a pleasant surprise to Alla Rakha’s family and to music lovers across the world, including us at X8 Drums! At the age of 12, Alla Rakha became so fascinated with the sound and rhythm of the tabla that he ran away …
7th May 2014 Kaitlin Meilert