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Why You Need Taiko Drums in Your Life

There are so many reasons to drum and be one with the beat, we’re often caught off guard when anyone says they don’t “get” drummers. So, maybe you aren’t the kind of person who can spend hours behind a drum set, pounding away with your drumsticks and learning the intricacies of the hi-hat. Maybe you’re not that much into drum circles, or djembe drums and the fun of community drumming. Maybe the obvious drumming traditions aren’t all that exciting for you, and you need more pomp and splendor. Maybe you need taiko druming!

Taiko drumming is a modern take on group or ensemble drumming, but not in the “drum circle” sense. It is a choreographed group drumming display with a ballet-like feel. Taiko drummers dance, they play drums and they often dress in costume. It is a workout for the drummers, and there is a deep level of emotion that plays out during the performance, much like actors on a stage.

While taiko drumming as we know it today isn’t that old, taiko drums have their roots in ancient Japanese culture. Across the world, large drums were often used by the military and commonly referred to as “war drums,” since they could be heard across battlefields and long distances. Technically, the first taiko drummers were there to create noise during times of conflict, so the evolution of these drums into a stage art is just another compelling reason to join up with a group and get to the good stuff: drumming. As a taiko drummer, you are art and history, all in one incredible experience for the drummers and the audience.

As with many other drumming styles, taiko drumming is also great for the body and for fitness freaks. There are plenty of people who start taiko drumming because of the cardiovascular aspect of the art. Full-body drumming styles that incorporate dance don’t come around very often, and the benefits are more than just getting a healthy body. The best part might be that any sort of rhythm activity, like drumming, benefits the mind, too, and what better way to get a “wellness makeover” than by taiko drumming?

Reasons you should look into taiko drumming as your new rhythmic passion:

  • You like drumming.
  • You like big drums.
  • You like big sticks.
  • You like to perform with other drummers on a stage.
  • You like to dance.
  • You like to dress like your friends.

So, when the usual drumming just isn’t enough to get your inner groove groovin’, maybe it is time to step out on a limb and tackle the world of taiko drumming. We bet that you’ll discover an entirely different world of rhythm, drumming and dance, and will be forever hooked on the beauty of the art. If not, you can always be one of those drum set drummers, or join a drum circle (we don’t judge!). We support your choice, no matter what it is, as long as you’re drumming.

But, seriously, check out some taiko drums. They’re pretty radical.

13th Feb 2015 Kristin Stancato

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