Show Dad Some Love with X8 Drums and Percussion!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to think about gift ideas. As your source for all things percussive, we definitely have some fantastic gift ideas for dads. Whether the father in your life is a professional musician or a new bud on the music branch, we offer a selection of drums and percussion instruments that will exceed his desires. We carry our own exceptional line of hand percussion instruments, as well as drums created by some of the leading companies in the music world.

For the guitar player in your life, we offer the Kopf Toekicker Acoustic Stompbox. This stompbox provides a kick drum sound when the surface is tapped while it is plugged into a PA system.

A great accent for hand drum players, as well, it allows the feet to provide one sound while the hands are working on another. Each one is handcrafted in the USA of sustainable oak and uses a standard ¼” instrument cable.

Father’s Day marks the perfect time for inviting a different sound into your favorite dad’s life. Perhaps he has been thinking about cajons, but has yet to get one for himself. The Kopf Toekicker would also be a perfect accompaniment to a Tycoon Supremo Cajon. Right now, this cajon comes with a tambourine and a digital drum lesson, making this the gift of a lifetime. And, if cajons are not his thing, we offer a djembe bundle.

The X8 Duafe Djembe Drum now comes with a free percussion set, which includes hand painted wooden maracas, a tri-tone wood block, brass finger cymbals, a Kente cloth djembe hat, and a DVD to teach that special father how to play and tune his new Father’s Day drum.

For fans of drum master Kalani Das or the late, great Ibrahima “Boka” Camara, we have the Toro Professional Djembe. Designed by Kalani and inspired by Ibrahima, this drum sports a cow skin head, which is rapidly becoming the preferred drum head type among the finest djembe players.

If your Father’s Day star prefers congas, we have something special for him, as well. The Meinl Headliner Conga set comes with free bongos and complimentary online congas lesson from Michael Pluznick. These congas offer many professional features at an entry level price.

But maybe the dad you hope to surprise this Father’s Day has been talking about learning to play the didgeridoo for years. Well, we have the perfect gift for him, too. Our Professional Didgeridoo is made of fiberglass for extra durability and a custom mouthpiece for easy, controlled playing that even a novice can enjoy mastering.

No matter which musical talent you want to encourage this Father’s Day, X8 Drums has the perfect gift. And, with our wonderful selection and stellar customer service, if that special dad in your life is so excited by your thoughtfulness that he wants to return the favor, you know you will be able to expect the best.

28th Oct 2014

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